Learn how to Masterfully Build and Grow a Highly Profitable 6-7 Figure Expert Business Lifestyle

Free 30 Minute Teaching Video, Comprehensive Step-by-Step Action Guide and 1 Page Business Plan


Event to Client Bundle

Get instant access to my Event To Client Funnel + 7 Steps To Create Your Predictable Income System program. You will have lifetime access to where I share my simple step-by-step method to generate highly targeted leads, confidently attract and enroll more clients, and get you a predictable income system.


13 Strategies to Destroy the NOISE

A resource to help leaders get out of their own way in order to take greater inspired action. It plays well with wanting to step into bigger spaces and stages, including corporate.


$5K+ Powerful Women Today Empowerment Swag Bag

Get all of these great benefits:

  • Full E-book “Awaken Your Emotional and Financial Independence”
  • Subscription to Powerful Women Today Magazine
  • PWT Speaker Association: FREE Speaker Registry Listing
  • PWT Coaching Academy: FREE Coach Registry Listing
  • A Chance to Win 1 of 5: 1:1 Empowerment Sessions with Powerful Women Today’s Founder (Total Qty 5)
  • $1,000 Discount on Full Certified Empowerment Coach with Pathways to ICF (Total Qty 5)

The Backpocket Guide: How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Your SOUL and More!

Your Gifts valued at more than $500:

  • The Backpocket Guide: How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Your SOUL
  • 3 Hour Training Replay 'MORE CLIENTS FASTER SALES' Live Event.
  • 30 Min 1 on 1 Prominence and Persuasion Review Call with Steve

Power Your Profits! eBook

The eBook includes 6+ assessments that help to create clarity, embed the structure, systems and cultivate the environment needed for businesses to deliver consistent results and accelerate scalable growth.


Profitable Events: The Complete Guide

This will you how to determine the right kind of event for you, create your marketing timeline, content calendar and ticket map to get the most attendees at your event.


FREE Strategy Session

Mapping out your full “event driven business” strategy is Linda's zone of genus. Take our Event Ready Success Assessment for a FREE Strategy Session (Value $997)


Now Presenting You's Video Cheat Sheet and Training

Recording video but not sure how to look your best? Even if you're on a cheap camera or using your cell phone, there's a few quick tips that you should know to dramatically improve your video quality and always present your best self to your audience. Grab your cheat sheet and have it handy when you're recording your next video!


Pattern Interrupt Playbook PLUS Recommended Equipment List

Dive into these 2 guides to discover pattern interrupt techniques and the essential gear needed to transform your online presentations, all while keeping attendees engaged!


New Marie Diamond App

Discover your energy number, your best directions new tips and go on your very own and individual energy number journey with personalized Meditations, Affirmations and Feng Shui Activations.


Authority Speakers Agency Mini-Series: Building Momentum in Your Speaking Career

To build momentum in your speaking career, you must know how to leverage stages for more profit, more stages, and better results. That’s why Authority Speakers Agency has developed a mini-series designed to help you maximize your speaking opportunities. This program is designed for any speaker, regardless of experience or success level.


Slide Design for Non-Designers eBook

Your slides give your audience an immediate impression of your expertise and professionalism. Learn easy principles and techniques that designers use! Discover the complete process of designing high-impact PowerPoint slides. In a minute, I'll tell you about the special short video tutorials I've created for this edition, but for now, I want to tell you why this book is SO important for your success as a presenter.

Here is why:

  • Your success as a presenter is greatly influenced by the clarity and quality of your slides
  • You need to express your ideas visually and clearly because people remember images better than words
  • Your slides need to help your audience understand and remember your points
  • Unprofessional slides will hurt your reputation
    Use this coupon code to download it for free: SLIDE100

Confused People Don't Say Yes - Sam Horn's System for Turning Infobesity Into Intrigue eBook

In today's day and age of instant gratification, people no longer want information – they want epiphanies. And people don’t get epiphanies from ideas. They get epiphanies from the connection you build through your writing, speaking, videos, etc. In this book, you'll discover Sam Horn's clear communication method called The 70 – 10 – 10 – 10 Rule®.

This proven, step-by-step method will help you:

  • Turn infobesity into INTRIGUE by making information come alive
  • Create a two-way connection that instantly engages people so they choose to take inspired action
  • Capture and keep people’s valuable attention – from start to finish
  • And much more

Turn Humor into Bookings and Money

Unlock the Secrets to Boosting Your Business with Tim Gard's Humorous Approach! As a Hall of Fame speaker, Tim Gard knows how to infuse humor into any story, and now you can too! With Tim's three-step process and Ten Tips for Good Humor, you'll learn how to take your existing stories and turn them into hilarious signature tales that will keep you booked again and again.

This gift package includes three videos:

  • A brand new, 10-minute showcase video of Tim in action, showing you how he uses props and stories to land big bookings.
  • The Big Sweaty Guy in the Middle Seat video: Learn the secrets behind Tim's signature story that has been the cornerstone of his success over the years. This video has been updated for 2022 audiences.
  • Bonus: The Iddy Biddy Chicken Story - discover how Tim uses fun props to connect with his audience.
  • PLUS: A downloadable PDF of Tim's Good Humor Rules. Learn why it's important to remember rule #4 When using a prop: if it doesn't add to the story, it distracts from it.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your speaking business to the next level with Tim Gard's proven methods.

Suzanne Evans

The Driven Growth Model

The system for securing and monetizing PROOF: The ONE thing you can change to move your business to $10k per month... without advertising, social media campaigns, or online sales funnels

Melanie Herschorn

Your Ultimate Book Marketing Checklist

Being consistent with your book marketing will set you apart from the competition. That's why we're giving you a comprehensive checklist to make sure you're on track! With this book marketing checklist, you'll find out what you need to do to streamline your marketing efforts to help you sell more books, fill programs and grow your online influence.

Shelley Golden

What to Wear on Stage - 10 Tips to Improve your Confidence and Authority & Elevate your Personal Brand

Do you struggle with what to wear every time you speak or give a presentation … whether you’re speaking in person on stage or on a virtual platform? I can help you elevate how you show up… by knowing you will be wearing the perfect colors and shapes for your body so you feel more confident, comfortable and credible… so you can attract your ideal audience.


20 Factors That Tip the Scales in Your Favor to Get Booked on a Podcast Masterclass

Today, podcasts are the “hottest” form of media for leaders, authors and experts who wish to connect with audiences eager for information, solutions, empowerment, community and entertainment. But there is simply so much competition to get on shows. How do you persuade hosts that you are absolutely right for their audience? You follow the guidance in this valuable training, chalk full of ways to make you a sought-after guest.


10 Speaker Bookings in 10 Days Masterclass

Disappointed at the dearth of speaking opportunities on your calendar? Haven’t really buckled down to get things moving? Living on wishes that someone will just ask you to come fill their stage? Stop with the pipe dreams and start the flow! 10 Speaker Bookings in 10 Days is your answer. This presentation will give you the kickstart you need to fuel your speaking engine!


How to Make $10k When Speaking On Any Stage

Have you ever wondered how speakers travel to speak for free, and still make money?   If you aren’t closing 30% of the room when speaking, you are in the right place.  I am going to give you the 410k Blueprint and mini training going through it step by step in order for you to create your own speaker funnel and close more of the rooms you are speaking to.

Steve Lowell 

Transformation Content Checklist

Use transformational content to stand out from your competition. How to craft a signature message that will explode your personal brand and business and let you sell 5-6 figures from the stage! Learn how to use transformational content to stand out from your competition


  • Without resorting to boring copy-paste strategies
  • Without feeling like a sellout
  • Without needing experience in speaking or scripting
  • So that you can start impacting others with your message immediately!

Jill Lublin

Publicity Action Guide

Learn how to use publicity to gain more Sales, Clients and Profits! 25 pages packed with Jill's powerful PR tips and Strategies.

Jen Loving

Instant Belief Builder Course

Learn 17 business-building principles that every successful business owner knows. Mindset comes before skill set. Belief in yourself is the foundation for achieving all your goals.


The 10-80-10 Principle: Unlocking Dynamic Performance

Get a digital copy of the Sunjay Nath’s internationally acclaimed book, which provides a framework that helps individuals and teams improve performance. This methodology combines best practices with small wins to help empower individuals and companies to reach their stretch goals.


The Simple 5-Step Process to Launch a Rockin' Podcast in Just 14 Days!

Podcasting is quietly on the grow and secretly usurping the power of video.

Here's why:

People can listen while driving, running, exercising, doing dishes, and more!

It creates intimacy, as most listeners are hearing you through earbuds - you go right into their minds.

The KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor is extremely high in podcasts, proven by research that shows more people buy from hearing ads on podcasts than anywhere else!

Best of all, it's not rocket science, and you can launch a podcast with less than $100 and in a very short period of time.

Get this free guide to learn how!


Keynote Speaker Essential Online Course

Whether you are starting or re-charging your business as a Keynote Speaker, the Keynote Speaking Essentials give you the insider secrets to navigating the keynote speaking industry. Unlock the 3 key areas that are ESSENTIAL to building a Keynote Speaking Business: who to speak to, what should I charge and how should I construct my speech? This course will equip you with resources, checklists and handouts to PROPEL your speaking business to the next level. – Plus Speaker Referral Brochure Template


Speakerflow Resource Library

Free resources to systemize and grow your expert business. 35 Guides and PDF that help you automate and streamline your speaker business to maximize impact and revenue.


Lead Out Loud -Keys to Unlock Your Professional Excellence—The Book

Lead Out Loud is your professional guide to improve the four most important communication skills: Leadership, Conflict Resolution, and Presentation Skills


8 Ways to Sabotage Your Speaker One-Sheet

Every speaker needs a great Speaker One-Sheet …but beware! There are 8 ways you could sabotage your speaker one-sheet! If you plan to do a Speaker One-Sheet or you already have one that’s not getting you enough gigs, get up to speed on the 8 Ways to Sabotage Your Speaker One-Sheet .You will learn exactly what those critical mistakes are and how to avert them, so your Speaker One-Sheet is a juggernaut of success for you. Don’t be a One-Sheet Wipeout and lose the impact you COULD have had with a decision-maker!


Speaker Success Kit

Get Seen. Get Heard. Get Sales with Jane Power’s Speaker Success Kit. Speak with confidence and sell with authority from any platform, using any medium such as video, YouTube, FBLive, podcasts, tv, radio, and more. Speaking, whether to an audience of 1 or 1,000 for 7 seconds or 7 minutes, is the best way to grow your business. It is the ideal way to get your message out and make money doing it. The Speaker Success Kit will get you in front of your ideal clients.

Here is an what's inside:

  • “Get Booked Today” which gives you 100’s of places to speak
  • “29 Fail Proof Booking Tips” scripts to get the gig over and over again
  • “Message to Money Session” gets you the support you need to have a big impact and generate big income


Attract Clients Through Speaking (Yes, Even Now)

Would you like to attract clients and monetize your speaking? In this master class, Leisa Reid pulls back the curtain to share expert secrets on how to attract clients through speaking, even in these uncertain times. This is an excellent class for speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use the power of speaking to attract their ideal clients and make an impact on the world. In this master class you will learn:

1) A Mindset Shift for Speaking Success NOW

2) The 7 Keys to Creating a Successful Speaking Business 

3) The Speaker Monetization Formula


Retreats to Riches eCourse

The One-Page 7-Step Overview & Quick Start Guide To Leading Profitable, Lifestyle-Friendly, Transformational Retreats, Seminars & Mastermind Groups


Three-Day Marketing Success Challenge

Get the clarity and strategy you need to market yourself and your business successfully. The step-by-step process you need to go through BEFORE you do your logo, website, or other marketing in order to guarantee. success.


3 Keys to a Bestseller" Mini-Course

Becoming a bestselling author doesn't have to be a dream. There are 3 Key Elements that every author needs to navigate in order to get their book published and positioned for bestseller status. Knowing these keys, along with the fastest path to getting your book done, will help you hone in on the most important aspects of your book without wasting time navigating today's confusing publishing industry and wasting time on the wrong idea. With these keys, you’ll know exactly what to do next.


"Maximize My Voice" Bundle

Includes Dr. Cheryl Wood’s acclaimed two-part "Maximize My Voice" Video Masterclass and 21 Habits of Highly Paid Speakers eBook


Sponsorship Essentials: 7 Steps to Funding Your Dream Projects with Sponsorship

Access a proven 7-step sponsorship model and condensed training to quickly identify potential partners so you can begin to reach out and build meaningful relationships that will help raise your dream and bring your projects to life.


Breakthrough Business Mastery for On Purpose Results Home Study Course

This is a challenging time to be in business. New problems and challenges are arising with shifts in culture, economy, technology, and communication. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by fear. But you still have bills to pay, and amidst the chaos, there's unprecedented opportunity.

The key is agility. Learning to navigate these changes can lead to incredible success—high-paying clients, innovative business models, and new ways to provide value. Don't let fear keep you stuck. We can help. Ready for a breakthrough? Discover our Business Mastery program for mindset and agility.


Free Trial to

Our LinkedIn AI assistant that helps you leave comments, create posts, etc on LinkedIn.


A 20 minute One-on-One custom laser coaching session with Sandra.

An expert in the field of creativity, imagination, and innovation, Sandra has taught and coached thousands of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams, creative artists, actors, writers, parents, students, and educators.

Sandra uses techniques developed over 35 years as an award-winning professional director, actor, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and master acting and improvisation teacher to provide profound wisdom and deceptively simple strategies for teaching us to expect, respect, and maximize the unique creative genius in ourselves and all those around us.


Voices of Courage

Ken D Foster is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, business strategist, and news personality, who owns a broadcast & media production company. He is the executive producer and host of the Voices of Courage Show syndicated on TV, Podcast, plus Radio and broadcast in 185 Countries.  Ken is a change maker who pushes the envelope and challenges audiences to think differently: to see the unseeable, know the unknowable, and do the impossible.

Learn More:


The Irresistible Offer Blueprint

Find out how to virtually guarantee sales of your products/programs from stage with ease. Get the low down on bonuses, incentives, pricing, values stacking and risk reversal that will help you "make it rain" at your next gig.