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As an author, coach, speaker, filmmaker, visionary leader or Conscious business entrepreneur, you no doubt know the value of publicity. But finding a media relations expert that knows the Mind/Body/Spirit/Self Help/Personal Development/ Transformational marketplace and doesn’t have a steep learning curve may be a challenge.

Look no further.

Conscious Media Relations ( specializes in authors, films, companies and resources that serve the mind/body/spirit marketplace. We believe we have the nation’s most comprehensive media lists covering this sector…lists that we have been growing and cultivating for half a dozen years. We also have 35 years of mainstream media publicity experience, so we bridge the world between these two. And agency founder Jackie Lapin is herself an award-winning bestselling author in personal growth and a book marketing coach.

We welcome the opportunity to help deliver your message to an aware and increasingly conscious audience. We have created and selected vehicles which we believe can connect you to people who have a passion for your concepts, books, messages and resources.

We’ll tell you honestly what we think will work and what won’t for your publicity strategies, so that you don’t overspend in areas that are likely to be unproductive. Certain projects are likely to get mainstream media attention and others have a more focused appeal only to the Mind/Body/Spirit marketplace. We will give you a realistic assessment of what we think can be expected in terms of results. And we’ll give you options from which to choose.

You’ll find us easy and fun to work with. And know that as a Conscious Business ourselves, we have your interests at heart!

We Help Our Clients Change the World!

We have served such luminary clients as...

Some of Our Clients' Books:

We handle clients involved with spirituality, health, conscious living, spas/retreats, spiritual travel, environmental sustainability, personal growth and self-help, mindfulness, mature lifestyle, enlightened entertainment and more.

Our Assets:

  • 35 years of media relations experience with major companies such as Toyota, Upper Deck, World Poker Tour, The Golf Channel, the LA Marathon, Disney, Seagrams, Mazda, Avon, Showtime, PetSmart, AT&T, National Hockey League and more.
  • 35 years of effective, compelling action-driven journalistic writing skills, beginning with Jackie Lapin’s career as an award-winning sports writer (Detroit Free Press, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, Los Angeles Magazine, etc.)
  • Lists of more than 4,000 current personal growth radio shows, plus 1,500 mind/body/spirit print media and online media. (Lists are vetted and updated regularly)
  • The proprietary Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tour which reaches 9,000 points of contact, with special focus on our 4,000 personal development shows, 400 health shows, 200 paranormal radio shows and other specialty lists.
  • Article and excerpt distribution/syndication service to key media serving the mind/body/spirit marketplace.
  • An intimate knowledge of this mind/body/spirit marketplace and what the media within it is seeking.
  • An ability to secure mainstream media in concert with mind/body/spirit.
  • A proven ability to work with both “luminary clients” and those who are growing their reputations—from first time authors to those with many books.
  • Happy, well-served clients!

Look What's New - SpeakerTunity!

Female-LogoTM (1)SpeakerTunity is the exclusive, inside scoop on booking your own speaking opportunities in the Conscious and Transformational world. Twice every month, we’ll reveal to you new information about venues, events and organizations that are looking to book transformational speakers!

Get insights on hot regions of U.S. and Canada; top book tour promotion sites; local chapters of national organizations; upcoming multi-speaker events and expos; leading Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living and Christian churches, wellness events and presentation locations, yoga centers, women’s organizations, national conferences; civic, fraternal, and health organizations; resort and retreat centers, and more! Get all the details here!

Dr. Eric Pearl on Dr. Oz

Did you see our client Dr. Eric Pearl astonish Dr.Oz when he demonstrated Reconnective Healing with a woman who hadn’t been able to lift her hands over her head for 10 years. Dr. Pearl had the woman touching her fingers over her head in just minutes–a feat that Dr. Oz...

Ester Nicholson on The Daily Buzz

Kudos to our client Ester Nicholson, author of Soul Recovery, in her star turn on The Daily Buzz TV show, which is seen in 200,000 U.S. homes. Ester told her powerful story of recovery from years of addiction, and how she guides people in discovering the “God within.”...

George Cappannelli, speaking with Alan Colmes

Our client George Cappannelli, co-author (with wife Sedena) of Do Not Go Quietly, A Guide To Living Consciously and Aging Wisely For People Who Weren’t Born Yesterday, guested on Alan Colmes’ nationally syndicated radio show, talking about how to pursue your dreams and live...