Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tour FAQ

Would you like to be offered as a guest on up to 9,000+ radio and podcast shows and TUNE in to YOUR audience in a BIG WAY?

Enabling your voice, your message and your wisdom to reach tens of thousands of listeners—many of whom may be your next customer, client, speaking engagement or website visitor?

Then let Conscious Media Relations offer you as a guest to the 9000+ radio and podcast shows that are anxiously waiting for you to share your knowledge with their listeners.

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What is a Radio/Podcast Tour?

As an author, coach, speaker and visionary leader, you want to reach the largest audiences for the least amount of cost. What could be better than getting your message to thousands–and maybe millions–of prospective buyers and clients without ever leaving your office? No airplanes, hotels and other travel expenses. Your voice will be heard delivering precisely your intended message to people who are truly interested in your subject matter. That's because we reach out to 4,000+ radio and podcast shows that are specifically interested in body/mind/spirit and personal development wisdom. Plus 5,000 additional shows that welcome guests like you. The goal is to secure a sequence of half-hour to hour-long interviews where you can talk up your products, your services, your websites and any other free inducements that will generate sales or clients, and get people into your "family." Our list includes network, syndicated, local broadcast and Internet radio shows who have again and again demonstrated their intense interest in this subject matter. This is a turnkey way to do book promotion without the headaches of a city-by-city book tour. And here's the best part–your ONLY cost is the agency fee and the postage to mail your book or product to the show host.

How can I benefit from a Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tour?

You can promote a new –or even "not-so-new"–book, a film, a program or any other number of things your fertile mind can create. Here are some other ways you can benefit:

  • You will build your reputation and your brand.
  • You will drive your opt-in list sign up
  • You will secure audio content for the podcasts on your website.
  • Some shows may even offer your product online via an affiliate program or link directly to!

Why should I do a Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tour?

  • You have an important message that you know can change lives and you are compelled to reach the maximum number of people you can influence
  • Your publisher doesn’t have the manpower or the willingness to reach out beyond the traditional list of book reviewers
  • You have been struggling to increase your visibility, but still feel under-exposed in the mainstream and conscious marketplace
  • You just don’t have enough people in your opt-in list to monetize your message and future product sales
  • You have a book that has stalled in sales and you are wondering what to do next
  • You don’t have the resources for a traditional market-by-market book tour.
  • You want to augment a traditional book tour with a cost-effective way to reach hundreds—maybe millions-- more audiences than you can physically get to
  • You want to increase your profile, your brand and your visibility
  • You have an event or national speaking tour coming up and you want to build an audience
  • You want to create relationships with receptive radio hosts around the country for future promotional and joint venture opportunities

What if I want to reach a more general mainstream market than just the body/mind/spirit and personal development media can deliver?

In addition to our proprietary specialty lists, we subscribe to a database that provides up-to-date lists of media in multiple categories. So if yours is a book about business, health, or women's interest, for instance, we will pull those specific shows and include them in our distribution that offers you as a guest. We will expand the list to fit the market that you are seeking to reach.

How does this work and what must I contribute?

Depending on which program option you choose, we hold an initial briefing with you to "zero in" on the target market and the "hook" that we think will intrigue the shows' hosts or producers. Then:

  • We ask you to provide us whatever current press materials you have, including book/product descriptions, biography, etc. If you do not have them, we will help you create them.
  • Then, we ask you to create a list of questions that you would like to be asked by the host. Know in advance what answers you would like give.
  • Give us a list of anyone who has interviewed you previously and we will add them to the effort. Take advantage of people previously disposed.
  • We will work with you to finalize the press materials and come up with an impactful interview packet that we will provide digitally to the hosts.
  • We will ask you to provide us a digital image of your logo, a jpg of your product or book and a jpg photo of yourself.
  • Our next step is to create "the pitch letter," with the topical angle designed to get the stations and hosts to call US. If it's good enough, they will jump on it!
  • We then queue up the lists and distribute the pitch letter (or letters) via email.
  • Next, we will connect with the interested hosts and producers, securing available dates for you and then sending them your interview packet.
  • We will create a shared tracking document on Google Docs where we will record all of the invitations.
  • We'll reconfirm your interview with the hosts prior to the interview.
  • You will be responsible for making sure that – if it is a call-in show – you make the call at the appointed time. We encourage our clients to set up their interviews on their Microsoft Outlook or other calendar that provides a reminder.

How do I make the most of a Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tour?

Here are some things we recommend:

  • Create a "key message point" document in advance and try to cover as many of those points as possible. You can steer the interview in any direction to get in essential information before the show wraps up.
  • We'll provide you with our "Radio Media Guide" a list of tips and suggestions before you start the Tour that will give you a greater comfort level if you have not done a lot of interviews in the past. You'll find lots of great public relations strategies for being a terrific show guest.
  • Make sure that you get a chance to give your website address and if you have a free ebook or lead generation tool that will get people to opt-in to your site.
  • Be prepared to briefly tell where to buy your product or how someone can sign up for your service.
  • Know which audience you are addressing and tailor your interview in that direction.
  • Be lively, enthusiastic, engaging and listen to the host with interest.
  • Be so good that the host invites you back again!

Does anyone else do this?

Conscious Media Relations has the most comprehensive media lists in the public relations business, when it comes to radio shows that cater to the individual seeking greater self-knowledge and personal growth. When you add in our lists that reach out to Morning Radio Shows or other targeted interest sectors, this package is unprecedented. We often collaborate with other PR agencies to augment their own service in this specialized area.

What are my options for a Conscious Media Relations Radio/Podcast Tour?

We have three different services to accommodate different budgets.

Full Service Radio/Podcast Tour

One is a Full Service Radio/Podcast Tour, where we handle everything from the beginning, including outreach to the 4,000+ Broadcast Radio and Podcast Shows that cover Mind/Body/Spirit/Personal Development topics and all aligned additional lists, to the booking of all the interviews, arranging the calls, coordinating with you on your calendar, sending you updates, maintaining your interview calendar, prompting you and the interviewer with reminders.

  • We guarantee 30 interviews, do the tracking and outreach to media we have not heard from that are a good match to you.
  • The benefit here is all you need to do is confirm your availability and do the interview.

Self-Booking Radio/Podcast Tour

We also have a Self-Booking Radio/Podcast Tour program where we create your interview package and pitch letter, research and secure all key media lists, distribute the pitch to the media, and then forward any responses to you. It is then up to you to book the interviews, arrange your calendar and send reminders to the show host/producer.

  • We record all incoming requests on a shared Google doc, but it is your responsibility to book the interviews, log them in, send reminders and show up on the appointed day and time!
  • We guarantee 30 interviews, do the tracking and outreach to media we have not heard from that are a good match to you.
  • This is a very popular version with our clients! (Check out the testimonials!)

The Direct Access Path

Third is the option we call The Direct Access Path, and it is really for an author on a budget. With this version, the real responsibility falls to you. We write the pitch letter but it comes directly from your email address to the host. It is up to you to receive, track and book the incoming invites. However, we provide no media list, follow up, tracking or guarantee. But we have very happy clients who have used this version while not breaking the bank because our list is very responsive!

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