Services Provided

Conscious Media Relations can provide services on a retainer, full book/film campaign, project or á la carte basis.

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Retainer, Project, or Campaigns

Full Book/Film Launch Campaign

Includes: Creating media kit, pitch letters, radio media tour, distribution of pitches to print media for book/film reviews and interviews, syndication of articles or excerpts, hometown publicity pitching, pitching selected national and syndicated media outlets, pitch TV in markets where author is traveling during core period of the campaign. Full Book/Film Launch U.S./Canada Mainstream Media and Mind/BodySpirit/Personal Development Media.  Book Launch to all Mind/Body/Spirit/Personal Development Media only.  Book Launch to Selected Mainstream Media only.

Conscious Business, Product or Resource Publicity Campaign

Because each client and project is unique, such programs are best quoted when we have had a chance to spend time learning about your business and your needs. However, we bill our time against a monthly retainer that ranges from $2,500/month to $6,000/month depending on the scope of the campaign, whether it is local or national, specific tactics designed to promote your business, number of media we are pitching, etc. Call to discuss creating a media relations plan for your business.

Selected Activities A La Carte

Press Kit Development

We will work with you to create a complete media kit that will showcase your activities, your products and your platform. This can be provided to press via email and, most importantly, should also be available on your website, along with a selection of 300 dpi images.

Personal Development Radio Media Tour

If you want to know how to get on radio shows, here's your ticket! To book interviews for you, we distribute a pitch to our list of 2000+ Internet and Broadcast Radio Shows that cover Mind/Body/Spirit/Personal Development topics, along with all other aligned shows…. , books, women’s, men’s, health, business, paranormal, morning drive, topical talk shows ,relationships etc. We will also create your radio interview packet as an aid for the show host. And we provide a guide on "How to be a great radio guest." For more information on our Radio Media Tours, click here for our FAQ.
  • Option One/Full PR Booking Support Service
  • Option Two/Self Booking
  • Option Three/Direct Access Path

Mind/Body/Spirit Media Relations

Book/Film Reviews

We will distribute a pitch via email to the Mind/Body/Spirit/Personal Development print and Internet media offering interviews and books for review. (We don’t just send books… we elicit interest first). We then follow up to ascertain interest from those who have yet to respond. We track responses on a shared google document so you can always see our progress. If we are responsible for fulfilling book requests, we will bill back all of the postage and mailing expenses. But often we simply hand off these fulfillment requests to you or your publisher, and ask that you log in the date sent on the google doc. Our Book/Film Review campaign can either be done as part of a full extended PR effort, or can be conducted á la carte.

Article Syndication

Once we’ve got the reviews and interviews underway, we distribute one of your articles or excerpts to our list of 1100 Mind/Body/Spirit/Personal Development media. Again we track the results on a shared google document, and should the article run online, we record any links on this excel sheet so that you can always refer back to them. Whenever possible, we secure copies for you. Our article syndication can either be part of a full extended PR effort, or can be conducted á la carte. Securing/Negotiating Advertising in Mind/Body/Spirit Publications Many of today’s Mind/Body/Spirit print media are struggling financially and are eager to trade editorial space for advertising. Some even are strictly pay-for-play, but most will simply increase the space they offer to an author/filmmaker or event promoter with small or moderate media buys. We have developed an expertise in negotiating these efficient media buys—which we then use to secure editorial space for promotion of books--or events. However, we prefer that you supply the display ad to the magazine’s specifications or we will engage a graphic designer on your behalf, to be paid directly.