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jackielapinTHIS IS YOUR TICKET TO GETTING BOOKED ON RADIO  From Jackie Lapin, the nation’s top specialist in personal growth/conscious living radio.  Through her Radio Media Tours that offer authors to 3,000 specialty radio shows looking for life-changing content, she’s having helped tens of thousands get the recognition they deserve, including Don Miguel Ruiz, James Twyman, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Eric Pearl/The Reconnection, Denise Linn, Marie Diamond, Janet and Chris Attwood, Hay House, New World Library and Sounds True—and author’s just like you! Jackie has two special offers for you!


Enter to win

One Direct Access Radio Media Tour woman-holding-mike
When you win this one-of-a-kind radio media tour, we will read your book, write a compelling pitch letter about you and your book, and distribute it to 3000+ personal growth radio shows across North America looking for authors who are changing lives, helping us all increase prosperity and making the world a better place.  We’ll send the pitch from your email and then you can watch your email box fil up with invitations! This is a $2,000 value!

Will you be the one to kickstart your radio campaign?





“Radio How-To Guide”radio-how-to-guide-image-w-border
So you want to know how to make every radio show count? How to leverage your on-air time to get listeners to engage with you, get hosts to sell your book for you and get people into your coaching programs and other offerings? Then you will want to Jackie’s How-To Radio Guide!

She’ll reveal to you:

♦ 15 Ways to Make Your Radio Interview Count

♦ The 20+ Ways to Seduce People to Opt Into Your Website While on a Radio Show


Get this invaluable Radio How-To Guide NOW and start Capitalizing on Radio Interviews!

This is a $250 value!


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