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The SpeakerTunity® Speaker Celebration

The leading experts in 48 different subjects to ease your path and give you a hand up to your next level—whatever the platform—podcasts, virtual summits, meetings, conferences, associations, corporations or TEDx.


The celebration has already started...

48 world class leaders with the guidance to knock your socks off…

Featuring leading experts and legends like Sam Horn, Suzanne Evans, Marie Diamond, Elizabeth McCormick, Michelle Villalobos, Susie Carder, Lisa Sasavich, Hall of Fame Speaker Tim Gard, NSA headliner Vincent Phipps with 48 total.

Including 18 brand new featured experts with even more up to date information since 2023!

We’ve also selected many of the best interviews from our previous celebration to incorporate here along with fresh NEW interviews.

Four Days of Incredible Value!

  • DAY 1 - Captivating, Compelling and Enrolling from the Stage.
  • DAY 2 - Finding and Securing Your Ideal Stages.
  • DAY 3 - Building Your Speaker Business.
  • DAY 4 - Spreading Your Message Off the Platform.

Raves from Our Previous Celebrations:

You'll also receive many of the "Best Of Speaker Celebration" interviews as part of the upcoming celebration!

The best summit I've ever attended! Hands down! You gave us everything from A to Z. Everything we need to put the system. Believe me, this is information worth millions.

Darius Wallace, Actor, Speaker, Coach, founder of Storyspire Studios serving entrepreneurs, influencers and presenters  and two-time Ted X speaker

Thanks again for your amazing summit! I have already used your tips on the 'intromericial' and have some very warm leads for my speaking.

Alison Young, Speaker, Voice Over Professional and Former Syndicated Radio Host

Congrats on such a SUPER summit! It was amazing!
Your summit was the pre-eminent example of excellence!

Carol Abrahamson, Founder & CEO, Executive Authors

Meet Your Summit Host

Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin’s mission is to help leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches and authors find and secure their next clients by getting in front of more audiences faster! Her SpeakerTunity®  The Speaker and Leader Resource Company, has researched hundreds of thousands of speaker lead contacts, and has curated them to meet the needs of leaders who grow their businesses through speaking. Her SpeakerTunity Member’s Only® program provides leads for live and virtual events and meetings, conferences, podcasts/radio shows/videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and more. SpeakerTunity® is the Ultimate Speaker Toolbox, one stop shopping for the speaker/leader.

Jackie is a serial pioneer, breaking barriers for women and for innovative, entrepreneurial ventures that serve her clients including creating the Conscious Media Relations’ Podcast/Radio Tour which continues today;  Lapin East/West–one of the largest sports/entertainment public relations firms in America for 20 years, and most recently SpeakerTunity® . She was one of the first women sportswriters in the world, and has authored two international bestselling personal growth books.

Meet Our World-Class Experts

How To Craft A

World Class Keynote

Sam Horn

Getting a keynote dialed in is a great start. Elevating it to world class is a goal of every speaker determined to have massive influence and a steady source of paid gigs. Learn from one of the world's best what goes into creating a memorable, world class keynote.

Confused People Don't Say Yes - Sam Horn's System for Turning Infobesity Into Intrigue eBook

Mastering Your Stage

Presence--Delivering With Style,

Substance And Success

Suzanne Evans

Content is one thing, but delivery is everything! You've got to be masterful from the stage and in this session, you'll learn what it takes to captivate your audience. Discover nuances that will make all the difference!

The Driven Growth Model

Learn How to Command

The Energy In The Room

Marie Diamond

There's an invisible component to making every speaking opportunity a success--and that is energy! Learn exactly how to influence and impact the energy in the room for maximum connection to your audience and achieving your desired outcomes.

New Marie Diamond App

Injecting Humor Into Your Stories

To Become An In-Demand, Lucrative Speaker

Tim Gard

Humor is a powerful way to engage your audience and draw them to you, especially humorous storytelling! Learn how a great story told well can lead to a lifetime of success and income, and how how you can integrate the funny purposefully into your presentations.

Turn Humor into Bookings and Money

Get Over Your Fear Of

Selling From Stage

Steve Brossman

Discover the mindset and simple selling language of iconic speakers to STOP selling from your heels and get the confidence you need to convert attendees into clients. Finally start creating the impact and income you desire.

The Backpocket Guide: How to Sell Yourself Without Selling Your SOUL and More!

Boost Sales with Your

Irresistible Offer

Lisa Sasevich

Find out how to virtually guarantee sales of your products/programs from stage with ease. Get the low down on bonuses, incentives, pricing, values stacking and risk reversal that will help you "make it rain" at your next gig.

The Irresistible Offer Blueprint

The Secret To Get More Clients From Speaking

Jen Loving

Learn how to magnetically attract clients from your speaking gigs, how to price your offer and create a "rush" to the back of the room, in-person or virtually. We'll show you the most effective strategies that are working now!

Instant Belief Builder Course

The Art Of Architecting

Compelling Presentation

Steve Lowell

Discover ways to hone in on the right subject, positioning, topic, teachings, stories, structure and offer that will make your presentation a masterpiece! The roadmap for a great talk that will make the process easy!

Transformation Content Checklist

Your Million Dollar

Speaking Model

Michele Villalobos

You can speak till the cows come home, and not make the kind of money that will give you the lifestyle you want. But this session is dedicated to providing you a roadmap that will open the doors to a million dollar livelihood--and balanced lifestyle.

Retreats to Riches ecourse

Creating Virtual Magic for a Fun & Memorable Virtual Presentation

Johnny Beirne

Find out how speakers and webinar presenters can stand out on screen with easy-to-use special effects that make your message memorable and put more money in your bank account. Wow your audience with unexpected visuals, inspired humor and surprising impact! 

Pattern Interrupt Playbook PLUS Recommended Equipment List

Event Mastery--Successful Events That Fuel Your Client Pipeline

Gary Barnes

Creating a connection between the speaker and the audience is an art and not a science. This section will focus on engagement, impact and relatability creating a memorable experience for everyone.

Breakthrough Business Mastery for On Purpose Results Home Study Course

Mastering Your Inner Dialogue to be an Authentic, Powerful Speaker

Ken Foster

You'll discover the three secrets to quickly connect with your audience. How to be comfortable and powerful on stage and the key to convert audiences to clients.

Voices of Courage

The Genius of Connection:

Engaging, Interacting and

Collaborating with your Audience.

Sandra Cavanaugh

Go from being a good speaker to an unforgettable speaker by using simple principles of improvisation to create an interactive and inspired talk that is empowering and entertaining for both you and your audience.

A 20 minute One-on-One custom laser coaching session with Sandra

Powerful Strategies To Boost Your Income From Speaking

Debbie Allen

Discover ways to increase your revenue from any stage--tried and true strategies that create consistently higher dollars, conversion secrets, ways to parlay one appearance to many -- and more. Get on a faster money train so you can do less gigs, with higher results!

Learn how to Masterfully Build and Grow a Highly Profitable 6-7 Figure Expert Business Lifestyle

Secrets To Finding And Booking Paid Speaking Gigs

Elizabeth McCormick

Want to breakthrough to a steady diet of paid gigs? Then be here to learn the current hot trends and topics, how to open doors and build relationships, where to find those paid opps, and tips for getting to the top of the "yes" pile!

Coming Soon!

Filling Your Calendar With Association Conferences And Quarterly Meetings

Sunjay Nath

Romance meeting planners and association directors with the knowledge you glean here--how to find the decision makers, how to make the first approach, what to say, what to present and how to start the money conversation. Fill your calendar with association meetings and conferences!

The 10-80-10 Principle: Unlocking Dynamic Performance

What You Need To Know To Get Booked In The Corporate Marketplace

Candy Barone

Crack the corporate market with this insider knowledge--what will make them bite, how to make your woo work for you instead of against, what mistakes to avoid, how to speak their language, how to negotiate smart. Book yourself solid in the corporate world and see your revenue rocket.

13 Strategies to Destroy the NOISE

Master What To Ask For And How To Negotiate Your Speaking Fees

Vincent Phipps

Take the mystery out of negotiating your speaker fees! Find out the going rates, how to up your value, when to raise your prices, what to ask for, how to find common ground and come out a winner!

Lead Out Loud -Keys to Unlock Your Professional Excellence—The Book

How To Find And Secure

The RIGHT Speaking Gigs For You

Leisa Reid

Discern how to zero in on the exact gigs matching your ideal target clients, the places where you'll discover them and the strategies for finding and booking paid or larger stages. Shortcut your search for stages and start getting booked now!

Attract Clients Through Speaking (Yes, Even Now)

Your Route To Bigger

Stages And More Clients

Amy Dix

Identify how to impress bookers; the pros & cons of paid vs enroll-from the stage; when to pay-to-play, and how to ensure you're a rockstar everyone wants! Learn exactly what it takes to land those bigger stages consistently.

Authority Speaking Mini Course

The Inside Scoop On Getting Booked For A TEDx

Erin Loman Jeck

Discover what successful TEDxers know--exactly what a judge is looking for, the tricks to filling in the form, how to rock your audition video and more! Lock in everything you need to know to land a TEDX stage, the essential door-opener for any speaker or expert.

How to Make $10k When Speaking On Any Stage

Hidden Speaking Opportunities

You Might Have Overlooked

Jackie Lapin

Where haven't you been looking for gigs that might just be waiting and perfect for you? Maybe faith-based, ethnic-based, or gender-specific, nonprofits, universities, educational credit courses? Discover some hidden gems that may not be obvious, but could result in clients and revenue .

10 Speaker Bookings in 10 Days Masterclass

Finding The Stages And Opening More Doors For Diverse Voices

Carolina Billings

Discover how to find hospitable stages for diverse voices and lobby for more. Get insights into increasing the opportunities for someone of color, women, the gender-non conforming or someone who speaks with an accent.

$5K+ Powerful Women Today Empowerment Swag Bag

The Insider's Scoop on Speaker's Bureaus

Mary Gardner

You’re going to learn how to You’re going to learn the difference between an agency and a speaking bureau; what companies you should target as a speaker; how to get noticed, AND REMEMBERED as a speaker and what the booker needs to see when they consider booking you; and how to become a favorite of the bureau! We’re going to explore how to impress bookers and keep you top of mind; and how to ensure you’re the rockstar everyone wants! Learn exactly what it takes to land those bigger stages consistently.

How to Make 15K Plus Expenses or More a Speech

LinkedIn Secrets for Securing Speaker Bookings

Joe Apfelbaum

The best way to strategically start using LinkedIn to get more exposure and more clients together with AI. LinkedIn has over 1 billion people but energy without strategy is a waste of time. Discover the fasatest way to get results on LinkedIn and start growing your business. 

Free Trial to evyAI.com

Making The Leap From

Solopreneur To Scaling Up

Susie Carder

Get keen insight into how to build a bigger, more sustainable business--mindset, game plans, timetables, delegating, staffing, automation...everything that goes into moving beyond solopreneur. Make the leap up to a scalable speaker-driven business!

Power Your Profits! eBook

Turning Strangers into Buyers

Estie Starr

Discover the fast way to build a bridge over people's resistence, and to secure their trust and their investment.

Three-Day Marketing Success Challenge

Demystifying Speaker One-Sheet Content And Creation

Kelley O'Hara

Get the inside scoop from an expert on writing a knock-out bio, making your presentations irresistible, getting the right colors, graphics and look. Rock your speaker one-sheet for maximum bookings and impact!

8 Ways to Sabotage Your Speaker One-Sheet

How to Dress For Impact And Appeal From The Stage

Shelley Golden

Hear exactly how to create a signature personal style for stage--what to wear and what NOT to wear; how to pick your colors, styles and even shoes; when to dress up and when to go casual. Capture the signature look that will make you memorable!

What to Wear on Stage - 10 Tips to Improve your Confidence and Authority & Elevate your Personal Brand

How To Create Slides That

Make You Look Like A Pro

Ellen Finklestein

Avoid death by PowerPoint! Find out what's working and what's NOT! How to create captivating, appealing, impactful slides that support your words, stories and offer! And do it easily!

Slide Design for Non-Designers ebook

Mastering Those Pesky Green Screens And Virtual Backgrounds

Ken Course

Mystified at creating a virtual background that doesn't make you look like you're from outer space? Tired of using a standardized zoom image? Find out how to create and utilize a virtual background that enhances your brand and mission without breaking the bank to do it.

Now Presenting You's Video Cheat Sheet and Training

Solutions For Your

Customer Relations And

Back Office Tech Support

Taylorr Paine

Find out exactly what you need to seamlessly woo, sell and integrate your clients using automation and back office support--so it doesn't all fall on your shoulders or fall apart after you get them to opt-in or sign on the dotted line. From funnels to financing and everything in between!

Speakerflow Resource Library

Monetizing Your Message

BEYOND The Stage!

Dr. Cheryl Woods

The secret of some of the industry's most profitable speakers is that they use their talks as their main marketing effort, not their main income source. These speakers have mastered the ability to deliver compelling talks as a catalyst for reaching new audiences, building credibility and influence, and magnetizing new prospects whose interest can be nurtured beyond the stage. Get your notepad and pen ready for this highly energizing and engaging presentation, where you will discover ways to diversify your revenue opportunities once you step off the stage.

"Maximize My Voice" Bundle

Creating Masterful One Page

Monetary Roadmaps


Monetize your genius as a speaker. Learn the secrets to creating masterful one-page monetary roadmaps. Create conversation-driving content that seamlessly integrates into sales. Discover techniques to engage and convert through sustained conversations. And find out how to sell without selling.

Free Access to Game Changers™ PRO NETWORKING

Sponsorship Strategies for Speakers

Charmaine Hammond

Join the ranks of speakers who have sponsors fueling their speaking tours, sponsoring their books and products for attendees at events, and who covering the speaker's fee when event hosts don't have a speaker budget. Learn what sponsorship is, how it can help speakers, mistakes to avoid and how to be sponsor ready so you can get started now!

Sponsorship Essentials: 7 Steps to Funding Your Dream Projects with Sponsorship

The Secrets to Sensational Speaker Reels

David Vance

Learn how to create and position the media assets needed to get booked on premium stages and convert audiences into prospects.

The Small Business Video Content Starter Guide 2024 Edition

The Shortcuts To Creating

A Book That Will Get You Booked

Karen Strauss

Get absolute clarity on why a book matters, the fastest and most effective means to get one done, contents, title, cover design, format, and how to use it to grow your business on and off the stage. Learn to leverage your literature for influence, visibility and sales.

3 Keys to a Bestseller" Mini-Course

The Strategies To Sell More

Books From Speaking

Melanie Herschorn

Learn key strategies to accelerate you book sales from the stage--pre-selling, on-site sales incentives and automation, audience engagement, website vs Amazon, virtual vs live events, and more! Hook them with your book!

Your Ultimate Book Marketing Checklist

Discover The Keys

To Impactful Publicity For Speakers

Jill Lublin

Want to be an in-demand speaker? You'll need an ongoing strategic publicity campaign to keep you in front of bookers and prospective clients. Learn exactly what that will take to keep you in the news in this summit session!

Publicity Action Guide

Making Yourself Omnipresent so Bookers Find You Organically

Ernesto Verdugo

Discover how to stand out in a crowded market with Ernesto Verdugo, a seasoned global speaker with appearances in 67 countries. In this insightful session, we explore the strategic use of social media to not only establish but also amplify your online persona. Learn to craft compelling content that resonates with audiences and enhances your search visibility. By developing a strong, consistent brand across multiple platforms, you'll not only triple your booking opportunities but also position yourself as the top choice for bookers searching organically for skilled speakers to hire.

30 to 60 Minute One-on-One Strategy call. Struggling to get noticed by bookers? It’s not just about talent

Turn Your Knowledge Into A Compelling Course You

Can Sell From Stage

Liam Austin

Don't yet have a course to sell from stage? Bone up on exactly how to get it done, create compelling content and supporting aids, and keep your buyers engaged so they become raving fans and burnish your rep.

Event to Client Bundle

The Way To Get Your Podcast Off The Ground Without Overwhelm

Michael Neely

Discover ways to pick the topic to reach the biggest audience, how to get started easily, choose formats, create intros, find and select the right guests, solutions for post-production, getting on the right podcast platforms and ways to get much of this done-for-you. Here's how get over the fear of launching a podcast!

The Simple 5-Step Process to Launch a Rockin' Podcast in Just 14 Days!

Write A Podcast Pitch Letter

That Is An Easy Yes

Jackie Lapin

Master the intricacies of wooing the show host--creating a can't miss hook, a knock-out depiction of your delivery, why you're a superstar guest and a subject line that kills! Turn yourself into a podcast phenomenon, building your bookings for fame and fortune.

20 Factors That Tip the Scales in Your Favor to Get Booked on a Podcast Masterclass

Event Mastery--Successful Events That Fuel Your Client Pipeline

Linda Cain

Discover how to get started in one of the fastest growing promotional vehicles today, what it takes to get launch, how to create great content, ways to monetize and master having your own television show.

Profitable Events: The Complete Guide and FREE Strategy Session

Optimizing Networking For Clients And JV Promotional Partners

Mark Porteous

After you've built your speaker rep and your community, you are ready for your own event. Learn how to crush your own event from an industry expert. 

Full Access membership Joint Venture Directory, plus a private training and onboarding session

Crafting Your Elevator Pitch For Maximum Impact

Jane M. Powers

Get the guidelines for creating a can't miss elevator pitch ...what elements MUST it have to catch someone's attention and awaken desire. The tricks to deliver it well and often. Master your introduction so you can hook prospects instantly in any room or virtual gathering.

Speaker Success Kit

We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!


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